Turn your unworn jewelry pieces into something new you will love or let us meltdown your precious metal jewelry in exchange for Embark Credit!

Free Redesign Kit Includes:

  • Ring Sizer
  • A form to list out your jewelry items
  • Baggies to safely pack your jewelry items
  • A prepaid mailer including $5,000 insurance coverage


Yes! We also insure the package up to $5,000. If you need more then $5,000 in coverage, please email info@shopembark.com for this request. If you decide to not move forward in the process of redesigning or issuing a gold credit with Embark then an invoice will be sent for the cost of shipping to and from Embark.

Our jewelry experts get busy measuring, weighing, and inspecting your jewelry items. We will report back to you during our first virtual meeting on metal type and quality, gemstone type, and an estimate on gold weight (this will be a very rough estimate on gold weight if there are any stones set.) We will not remove any stones or melt your jewelry until we have spoken with you and have your approval to move forward.

The value of your gold or precious metal is determined by the total weight and the daily market price. During our initial meeting we will have a rough estimate of the value of your metals and then an accurate estimate will be given after any stones are unset. Please know that no stones will be removed until we have your approval to move forward in the process. Embark offers 90% of the gold value in store credit towards your new custom piece or towards another purchase. The credit will be issued on an Embark Gift Card. The remaining 10% goes toward the time and labor needed to melt down your gold. We do not pay out in cash. 

No problem, just do your best to fill out the form with as much detail as possible and send it in to us. We will reach out to you with as much information as we can gather and guide you through the process. One quick way is to look with a magnifying glass for any karat stamping, like 10k, 14k, or 18k gold or 925 silver. European markings for 14k gold are 585.

You can include in your return submission any items made of solid gold (10k-24k), silver (925), or platinum. Any type of jewelry is great to submit, including rings, chains, pins, etc! We can work with any type of precious jewelry. If you are unsure, just send it in and we will let you know!

We do not purchase pieces from the public but would love to work with you to redesign your piece! One other option is to let us calculate a gold melt value for you. Gold credit is always issued in Embark Credit to use towards another purchase.

We require at least 3 grams in gold or another precious metal in order to meltdown and apply as credit. Don’t worry if you do not know the weight, send it in and we will weigh it for you!

Don’t worry your Embark Credit will never expire. We will issue your credit on an Embark Gift Card to use towards your next purchase.

We will do our best to communicate every step of the way with updates. You should hear from us within 1-2 weeks of shipping in your Redesign kit. From there, it depends on which route you take. The gold meltdown process will usually take 1 to 2 weeks and the redesign process can take 1 to 2 months.  If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out via email info@shopembark.com or call/text (337)385-9945.

No problem, we will send you an invoice for the cost of shipping to and from Embark prior to shipping back your piece(s).

Not at all, we can use just the gold or just the stones in your new piece. While working with our expert designers, we will determine the best design according to your aesthetic and budget. Any unused pieces will be returned to you with your new piece or with your gift card from your gold melt credit. 

That’s not a problem! In order for us to get an accurate weight we will have to remove the stones. Please know we will not remove any stones until you approve our moving forward in the process. Any unused stones in the remake process will be mailed back to you. 

We get this question often! There are a few factors we use to guide you in the process of determining if your pieces are worth redesigning. 

The first factor is material, if the metal composition is 14k gold or higher, then there is value in the piece and we can use it either as gold credit towards your redesign or possibly use the gold in your new piece. If there are genuine stones in your piece(s) then it is worth considering using them in a new design. On the other hand if your pieces are gold plated and fit more in the costume jewelry bucket the costs usually outweigh the end value.

The second factor is sentimental value. We believe jewelry should be worn! If you have meaningful pieces that are sitting in your jewelry box, send them in and let us come up with some new designs incorporating these pieces so you can wear and enjoy them everyday!

There’s a huge range in cost but generally starts around $500 and goes up. We can melt any precious metal and use that as a credit towards your new piece as well as using as many of your stones. 

This is possible but actually very expensive! There’s alot of labor involved in melting down your items and using it in the casting process which usually requires a lot more gold to complete. We do have the ability and are happy to quote a price to you if there is sentimental value in your items.

Our usual process entails removing stones from your piece and setting them in a new casted piece. We then send your gold to a refinery that melts it down and gives us the total value based on the metal quality and weight. This credit is then issued to you to use towards your new piece or in an Embark Gift Card.