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We offer ear piercing services in a luxury setting with a qualified healthcare professional.

Piercing Needle

We use a single-use hollow needle to perform each ear piercing


Enjoy a private piercing room while you get an ear piercing


How to take poper care of your ears after a piercing

Why a hollow needle?

We use a single-use sterile hollow needle to perform each ear piercing. The single use needle is safer, cleaner, more accurate and less painful than piercing guns. A hollow needle with its razor sharp point creates a smooth precise puncture into the skin as opposed to the piercing gun that forces the the blunt end of the earring through the ear. We also offer numbing cream during the piercing process.


No more crowds at large retail stores or in the mall. Enjoy the comfort of a private room for your piercing with a qualified healthcare professional.


Each client heals differently but we recommend for post care to use medical grade saline twice a day while you heal, always clean hands, and no twisting!

Our favorite aftercare product is Active Skin Repair.


Each piercing costs $30 per location, so $60 to have both ears pierced + cost of jewelry

You have to be 6 years old or older. If you are under the age of 18, you will need an adult present.

You can choose between 14k gold or 14k over sterling silver, all of the earrings we carry are hypo-allergenic.

While not a requirement as we will take walk-ins, we do suggest you book an appointment so we can insure our piercer is present. BOOK NOW

Healing time depends on the location of the piercing. Click here for our healing diagram as a guide.

You basically don't fool with them and let them properly heal. We will provide you with aftercare instructions. The biggest takeaway is don't twist and keep your hands clean if you touch them.

No outside jewelry is allowed. All of our jewelry is hypo-allergenic and great to pierce with! Our Demi-Fine styles start at $15 for a single.

We only pierce on the ear in these following locations. See our piercing diagram for more information.