Spring Cleaning: The Jewelry Box Edition 

Five Ways to Spring Clean Your Jewelry Box

If you’re anything like us, each Spring we have the itch to purge, organize and clean out many areas of our lives that need some freshening up. If you’re as obsessed with The Home Edit or Marie Kondo as we are, you know how satisfying a round of cleaning and organizing can be. But have you ever thought to give this same Spring cleaning effort to your jewelry? 

Here are several ways you can clean, organize and refresh your jewelry box: 

Step 1: Get to know your baubles. Did you know that there are stamps and letter markings on most pieces of fine jewelry? These markings indicate how pure the metal used in the piece is. Here’s a quick lesson in the most common markings and their meanings.

  • 18K or 14K: Gold is measured in karats and one karat is 1/24 of the entire piece. So, 18K signifies that the jewelry is 18 parts gold and the remaining 6 karats are made from another metal. This is why 24K Gold is most desired because there are no other metals and it’s 100% the real deal. 
  • GF: Gold-filled jewelry has a solid layer of gold that bonds to another metal such as silver or copper. Though not 100% gold, its advantages are that it’s more durable, meaning you can wear it longer without risk of breaking or tarnishing. 
  • GP: Gold-plated is typically a very low percentage of real gold over another metal like silver, brass or copper and it will eventually fade. 
  • 925: This number represents that the jewelry’s makeup is 92.5% silver with an accompanying metal, like copper. To be considered “Sterling Silver” the piece must be composed of 92.5% sterling silver and stamped with 925. 

Step 2: Keep the best and purge the rest. Toss those out-of-style pieces and keep your fine pieces, sentimental items or unique costume jewelry. In Marie Kondo’s method, ask yourself, “Does this spark joy?” If the answer is “No,” say goodbye. 

Hang onto sentimental pieces, even if you aren’t frequently wearing them.

Step 3: Organize by style. Separate your everyday pieces from cocktail or event pieces. Store necklaces in baggies with the top of the chain hanging out to avoid tangles. Keep your jewels in a dry space (preferably not your bathroom, as moisture can discolor demi-fine metals) and in a lined jewelry box. Keep them separate from each other to ensure they don’t get scratched.

Keeping cocktail pieces separate from everyday will help you maintain your organization.

Step 4: Clean your jewelry. Designate and clear a jewelry zone if you don’t have one already. Then, take the time to clean every item in your collection. The EMBARK Cleaning Bundle is your best friend here. Embark’s Foaming Cleaner and Brush can bring fresh life to diamonds and metals. The Cleaning Pen is perfect for touch-ups, travel and for cleaning on-the-go. Simply release the cleanser, scrub, and rinse with warm water. If all else fails, did you know you can use Dawn dish soap and water? It can be that easy to get sparkling. 

Step 5: Upcycle with EMBARK. Are there sentimental gifted items in your jewelry box that don’t quite fit your style? Or maybe you have an heirloom that doesn’t see the light of day because of a lack of practicality? With EMBARK, you can meet with us to Upcycle existing metals and stones to Recreate a custom, unique piece that you’ll love to wear and share its origin story. Contact us to learn more about our Upcycle and Recreation process or click here to begin your project! 

With these tips and ideas, you can make the most out of your jewelry box! Happy Cleaning!

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