Embark On A Dazzling Summer

Written by: Morgan Vincent, Embark Summer Intern


It’s a Great Time to EMBARK on a Dazzling Summer (While Keeping your Jewelry safe and clean.)  Read on for some quick tips to keep your jewelry sparkling this summer!

 Summer is here; time for soaking up some sweet sunshine! Summer is the season to let loose and unwind, but it could be hard to fully enjoy your vacation time if your precious and expensive jewelry and gems end up getting dull, scuffed, or even lost or damaged. On the bright side, it’s easy to avoid and remedy these potential summer jewelry disasters when knowing what hazards to look out for. So, here are some helpful tips to help keep your summer (and your jewelry) nick-free and dazzling! 


Tip # 1: Put Away Your Jewelry (When and Why):

·         When: Before applying any sunscreen or bug spray. 

Here’s Why: Sunscreen and bug spray can create a film as well as getting into unwanted crevices that makes the jewelry look dingy and dull. Sweat can also diminish the polish and shine in jewelry.

·         When: Before jumping in for a swim.

Here’s Why: Many precious rings have been lost beneath cold waters thanks to fingers constricting or shrinking in cold temperatures, giving ample room for rings to slip right off. A pool is one place to lose a small piece of expensive jewelry, but imagine trying to look in a murky lake or the ocean? Although, bringing jewelry by the sea/poolside is often not a good idea in general, for reasons I’ll explain below.

·         When: Before going into the ocean, pool, or hot tub.

Here’s Why: Salt and Chlorine, two common terrors for most kinds of jewelry, especially sterling silver, and any karat gold under 18 karats. {Tidbit: the lower the karat count = less gold percentage = higher percentages of other metal alloys that are susceptible to salt and chlorine.} Chlorine can slowly erode gemstone’s polish and damage jewelry plating like rhodium (found on white gold and silver jewelry). It also attacks other alloy metals common in jewelry like nickel, zinc, and silver, making them brittle and weak with prongs falling off, settings disintegrating and gems getting loose. All around not a good scenario!

Salt, whether in the air or water, affects various kinds of jewelry. Diamonds could suffer temporary dullness from blemishes or stains in the facets, but thankfully, a good rinse should be all it needs. However, softer, porous gems like turquoise can absorb harmful chemicals in liquids like chlorine as well salt from the water and the misty air, causing significant damage. So, despite how well the colors compliment the sea, a stroll in Turquoise stacked rings is probably best done far from the ocean (or any body of water with harmful chemicals). Silver and gold are not safe either; saltwater can tarnish silver as well as erode and weaken gold jewelry. Salt is especially corrosive when reacting with copper, which can be found in varying percentages in yellow, white, and rose gold jewelry. The higher the copper content, the quicker and worse the corrosion. {Tidbit: Which is why rose gold is affected the fastest out of yellow and white gold, and why 14k yellow gold is affected faster than 14k white gold.}

  • When: Before playing in the sand/dirt/gravel etc.

Here’s Why: Building sandcastles or sand slop mounds in my case, or helping Mimi plant Gardenias in the garden, is a fun, pleasant, and relaxing time. However, for rings, anklets, and bracelets-depending on how far one likes digging in the sand/dirt- it’s more like getting buried in Ajax rather than a relaxing activity. Abrasive minerals like dirt, sand, small rocks etc. can wear off jewelry surfaces like vermeil, gold-plating, and rhodium-plating in white gold or silver. If not cleaned well, it can lead to permanent damage to jewelry. 

Tip #2: Best Places to Put Your Jewelry:

Store them in a clean, dry place. A travel jewelry pouch or case works best on many occasions thanks to their easy portability and versatility as they keep jewelry out of any harmful elements while fitting nicely in any suitcase or beach bag. Embark’s Travel Jewelry Case also has an enclosed mirror with a fold-down flap and many slots and compartments to safely tuck various kinds of jewelry separately, preventing any scuffs from jewelry colliding with each other.



Embark Travel Jewelry Case, $45.

Available in black, camel, and champagne.


Tip #3: Cleaning and Caring for Your Jewelry:

It’s important to clean your jewelry soon after coming back from the day at the pool/beach to prevent any salt, chlorine, sand, or other potential harmful residues from causing future impairment. Thankfully, Embark’s Jewelry Cleaner Pen is quick, efficient, and easy to use whether in your room or on the go. No hassle with cleaning gel, just a double click to get it pumping, and bristles that help get into the tiny crevices where dirt and grime could hide. Double click, gentle brush, then a good rinse. 3 simple steps and your rings will be squeaky, sparkling clean!         



Embark Jewelry Cleaning Pen, $15.


Hope you have a wonderful and shiny bright summer!


Leap High,


The Embark Girls


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