Celebrate and Commemorate with Custom Jewelry

Written by: Morgan Vincent

Perusing through dizzying amounts of shelves and rotating racks, or scouring the vast pages of online jewelry catalogues, finding a piece of jewelry that best expresses you or a loved one on a personal level can sometimes feel like an expedition (with less adventure and more stress). Thankfully, custom jewelry is a solution that’s ever-growing, improving, and doesn’t require a degree in design nor embarking farther than your phone or computer! From creating to updating, custom jewelry services come in different forms, so here are three important ones to explore.

Journeying through our custom services:

Retold, Reimagined, Redesigned:

Custom jewelry doesn’t only mean creating a new piece from scratch. There are also instances of refreshing and updating the appearances and styles of antiquated or older pieces of jewelry. Often, we’ve given new and modernized styles for jewelry that might’ve been sitting in the back of the jewelry box like a tacky holiday sweater or remade a piece of jewelry from the pieces of a priceless heirloom falling apart. Helping revitalize older pieces, while preserving and keeping the stories and history alive.

Slide to see the Amazing Transformation!

Custom Made for a Special Occasion (and a Very Special Someone):

One of the most special purchases in your life should be a special experience. Whether in the form of an engagement ring or another piece of jewelry made for an important occasion, custom jewelry is often a great way to showcase the deep, meaningful bonds you share.

“There are many words behind a diamond ring, but one that’s custom made is one that speaks only for its wearer.”

Customization with Personalization:

Add your own style or a personal touch to one of our established pieces with our customizable jewelry! From celebrating a birth date with our birthstone jewelry, to engravable and nameplate jewelry where you can add a loving message or commemorate the name(s) of those you love. A favorite for mothers and grandmothers, as well as a great gift to treat yourself and show off your individual style. Check out what kind of options and styles we have in our catalogue in the link above or below.

Preparations For Embarking Our Custom Services:

Custom jewelry is a special, collaborative process to help bring out a meaningful, beautiful piece that celebrates your story, your designs, and commemorates the important events and people in your life. At EMBARK Fine Jewelry, we are ready to work with you, taking in every detail, style, and (to your wallet’s relief) your budget into consideration to help bring your designs and ideas to life and create that unique, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that’ll sing ‘Yes! That’s the one!’.
Learn more about the 5 Step Process of our Custom Services. Interested in consulting custom jewelry with us? You can book an appointment, and we’ll discuss together through phone calls, texts, video meetings, or in-person meetings! We’d love to hear from you and help bring your vision to life!

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